Z3X Box All Latest Setup File Download

Z3X Box All Latest Setup File Download

Z3X Box All Latest Setup File Download

Z3x All-in-One (LG+Samsung PRO+China) + 44 cables it’s unique Solution for Samsung, LG and China Phones Series that allows only in World Fast, Easy Language Update, Phone Service as well Unlocking ` Phone lock Remove. Support wide Range of Phones starting from old phones to new one from Samsung and LG gvives Advantage over other similar Products. New features also allows Qualcomm translator editor for new phones. In All in One you will also find Language Editor for Chineese phones – MTK based so you can also translate and edit Language for those Phones.

Why Z3x

  • Z3x box 1 tool for samsung phones and GSM solutions.
  • Our products are activation based.
  • You don’t need to pay for all futures – just those that you need.
  • In any time you can activate needed future to your box.

Download Z3X Box All Latest Setup File


  • Support all of known phone models based on MT6205 – MT6227 CPU
  • Translation using dictionary
  • Manual translation
  • Addiction to any language (by default to English)
  • Dictionary creation from Excel file
  • Constantly updating dictionary
  • Change name of the language in the phone menu
  • Adding new language
  • Delete language
  • Supports UNICODE
  • Unlimited words length
  • Comfortable navigation through “unknown phrases”
  • Saving phrases in Excel file
  • Upload unknown phrases to server for subsequent translation
  • Font editor
  • Import font from file
  • Import font from Windows installed fonts
  • Not needed replacement of all chars
  • Unlimited font size
  • Media Import and Export
  • Save full flash
  • Save differences only (patch with SKAT file)
  • Flashing with full flash
  • Flashing with patch
  • Downloading news from server about updates and plans


Mohammad Rasel Ahmed