Sony MXTP my Xperia Theft Protection Bypass

The Sony users who are willing to know how to do Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection bypass can follow the below instructions of mine and easily bypass or disable the MXTP option. Now, the Sony MXTP is a great security option for that protects your phone thief and other threats. But, it causes many problems sometimes when you accidentally reset your phone and can’t get the access. So, you must know the bypass procedure of MXTP.

Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection Bypass

Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection Bypass

Before doing Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection bypass, you must have to know what Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection is. The My Xperia Theft Protection or should I say MXTP is the new security option which for Sony is a very amazing security option. It secures the data and the phone from the thief and being stolen. Besides, it can also keep your privacy secure as well. But, many users of Sony smartphone face many problems due to this theft protection option. Moreover, many users reset their phone or due to some other issues they can get the access on their phone for this theft protection and a majority of users don’t know how to remove this security option. So, I am going to tell you all how you can bypass or disable this option easily.

How to Bypass Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection?

The Sony MXTP is a great security option for all Sony smartphone users which helps them to get secure from the thief. But, many people get into trouble too those who don’t know how to disable or do Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection bypass. Now, you can easily disable this protection option by following the below simple steps.

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  1. You must go to the settings to disable the protection of your My Xperia on Sony Devices.
  2. After that, you must have to open settings > security > protection by My Xperia.
  3. Then you have to press on the Deactivate and after that confirm that you want to disable the protection. Now, Sign-in with your Google account that you have used to activate the MXTP.
  4. The MXTP bypass or disable process is finished and you will be able to get access on your Sony device from now on.

What Will Happen If Users Forget Their Google Login Authorizations?

You also need to know what will happen if you forgot your Google login on this security option. Always remember that clever thief can provide a good convincing backstory as to why his/her device is locked. At the same time, why they are can’t remember their password. That’s why support has no way to unlock the device slightly for a consumer. In the meantime, the permitting MXTP is only possible by signing up with your Google account the user can, however, recover his/her password/e-mail via Google. On the other hand, if it is still unable to recover you can go to the authorized Sony repair center.

Conclusively, the Sony MXTP My Xperia Theft Protection bypass process is very important for all Sony smartphone users. Otherwise, you will face a great problem in the future. So, follow the above steps and bypass or disable MXTP option easily.