Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass With SideSync with Easy Steps

All Samsung users must know the steps of Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync guideline. Because it is the easiest method for bypassing the FRP lock from Samsung Galaxy device. The SideSync is a very useful PC and mobile solution and it will definitely help you to bypass the Samsung devices easily. Besides, with the help of this method, you won’t need to take your phone to any service center. Just follow the steps in the below article.

Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync

Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync

Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync

The Samsung users can easily bypass their phone with the SideSync by following the Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync guideline. This is a very useful and most reliable method for users. In the meantime, it works and many Samsung users have tried it. You won’t need any technical knowledge to bypass your Samsung device with the SideSync. However, SideSync is a latest PC and Mobile solution which enables windows, screens, and data to be shared easily. So, you must have to follow the steps of this guideline in the below to bypass the FRP lock of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to Bypass Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock with SideSync?


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 without the OTG cable.

without the OTG cable.

You must also use this guideline for Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync or without the OTG cable.

You need to download and install the Samsung side synchronize.

Then just hard reset your phone by pressing Power + Volume UP + Menu button.
Now, it will ask you for the password of your Gmail account.

computer and connect phone

You must then run the Side synchronize on your computer and connect your phone to the USB cable.

The will now appear to select Browse on your phone just select Google chrome and unplug the cable as well.

You must have to enter on the link or and then download the file.
After that, the Term & Condition page is going to appear, you must click on agree.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

What you need to do now is to open the Samsung galaxy apps and search for the ES file explorer then Download it.
You have to create a Samsung account and open it then press for download.
Just install the ES File Explorer app and open it.
After that step, search the Google account manager and open it.
Select type your email and password in the Google Account manager.
Then Google account manager is going to open and press on try. Moreover, press on three sign symbol on the upper right side.
Now, you must select the browser sign in and click on OK.
Restart your phone and go to the backup and reset.

Factory data reset

After that, factory data reset and delete all.
The above processes of Samsung Galaxy FRP Lock Bypass with SideSync are the most reliable process ever. On the other hand, those steps work too. So, you must follow the steps properly. But, if you have any questions or face any trouble, then notify me in the comment box.