iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes with Easy Steps

iphone disable problem Fix

The iPhone users face many problems and disable problem is one of them. Many users don’t know how to fix that problem. Now, I have come with a solution for iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes in the below. This technic is very simple and easy. You will be able to fix your iPhone’s disable problem with this process easily and without using the iTunes. So, you must read the below article and follow the process properly.

iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes

iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes

iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes

You can solve your iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes easily. What you need to do is to just follow my instructions in the below. However, it will surprise you but you can also resolve the iPhone screen disabled problems with Siri too. In the meantime, the solution is going to work with devices running iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1. Besides, this solution was formerly speculated as a loophole in iOS devices. Now, you need to put a lot of energy in order to fix your iPhone disabled problem in this technic. I also must tell you that this process will not erase your iPhone’s data and you will be able to surpass the passcode originally.

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Steps to fix iPhone Disable Problem without iTunes

You must follow the below steps to recover and solve your iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes.

  1. At first, you must hold the Home button of your iPhone to activate Siri and ask for the present time by saying Hey Siri what time is it? You can also say anything else which will display the clock. Now, press on the Clock icon to start the process.
  2. After that, you have to visit the World Clock interface and select to add another clock.
  3. Then the interface will ask you to search a city and you need to type anything you want and press on the Select all option.
  4. You will see many options like copy, cut, define, etc. Just press on the Share option.
  5. Moreover, this will open another window which is the list of various options related to sharing. What you need to do is to click on the Message icon to continue.
  6. You can type anything in the “To” field and press the return button on your keyboard.
  7. It will focus the provided text in green color. Choose it and press on the plus icon.
  8. Now, this will open a different window. Just press the Create new Contact button.
  9. You must have to select to add a photo and click on the Add Photo option on the Add new contact screen.
  10. This process will open the Photo Library. On there, you can visit any album.
  11. You can just exit the interface by pressing our Home button instead of selecting pictures. Besides, it will open the phone’s home screen.

Finally, the above process of iPhone Disable Problem Fix Without iTunes works properly. It will definitely fix your iPhone’s disable problems and you won’t need iTunes for that.