How to Unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi Router with Simple Steps


The most of the HUAWEI E5776s router users don’t know How To Unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 WiFi Router Simple Steps But, don’t worry I know how you can unlock your router easily at home. What you need to is to follow the instruction that I am going to give you in the below article. So, read the below article.

How to Unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi Router

It is very important to know how to unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router easily. Because it will help you anyway and you don’t need to bring your router to other service providers and spend money.


Steps to Unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi Router

It is very important to know how to unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router. Now, you can easily unlock the HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router. What you need to do is to follow the below steps and unlock the router. However, the below steps are very simple and easy so you won’t face any problem while doing this task.

  1. Firstly, you have to make sure that your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi handset router has enough charge.
  2. Now, you must put a non-acceptable SIM on your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router SIM card into your device. It is very important that to use another network provider SIM which is presently locked to.
  3. In the meantime, you must have to switch your device after changing to another network provider SIM on your Huawei Wi-Fi. Moreover, it will show Invalid SIM as you have used another network provider SIM.
  4. After that, you must have to create a Wi-Fi connection to your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi mobile router with your PC or other devices.
  5. Then you must connect your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi smartphone router with your PC and visit to Or you can just log in to your device’s dashboard on the link Besides, you can go to Advanced Settings of your device and then go to SIM Settings after that just go to Unlock Device. Now, you must go to Enter Unlock Code and then click on Apply. However, you can open your device’s Settings and go to Dial-up then Unlock SIM card and enter 8 digits unlock code in your router. After all these steps you must press OK and your device will reboot to show you a new network.

The process is complete and your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi mobile router is unlocked forever.

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Important Note

You must keep in mind some important things of how to unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router guideline. You must remember to don’t insert wrong codes into your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi smartphone router. Or else your HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router will be locked forever. On the other hand, you will be able to purchase unlock codes from any server for your Huawei Wi-Fi router in only 2$.

Finally, the above steps of how to unlock HUAWEI E5776s-32 Wi-Fi router is very reliable and those steps will surely help you to unlock your router. At the same time, you won’t find any trouble but if you do, then notify me in a comment.