How To Root Galaxy S7 And Step By Step Process Of The Rooting

Rooting a Samsung S7 will let you customize the device according to you. In this article, the main focus of discussion is how to root Galaxy S7. To do this, you need to download some software and go through a process. It is not as difficult as it may see if you know the correct technique. Samsung has some annoying applications pre-installed in it. You cannot delete them. Once you root your device you can delete them and install new exciting applications.

How To Root Galaxy S7

How To Root Galaxy S7

How To Root Galaxy S7?

Samsung KNOX prevents the device from rooting due to security purpose. So, you must know how to root Galaxy S7 without harming the device. Let’s begin with the steps you need to follow.



Step 1: Some Prerequisite before rooting

Before getting onto the rooting, the phone should at least have 80% charge. It is best to keep your phone charged. Running out of battery during the rooting may cause damage to the software and handset. You need to install the Samsung USB driver on your computer or laptop. It will help when you will turn on the USB debugging mode. The “Developer Options” of the handset is usually hidden. To find it, go to settings> about device> software info. Click on the “build number” 7 times and it will open “developer options”. Go back to setting and on the bottom, you will find it. Tap on it, you should now turn on the OEM unlock and USB debugging.

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Step 2: Downloads for rooting

There are some important files you need to download to get on with the rooting process. They are:

  • Download and install ODIN on your computer. It is designed especially for Samsung devices. Remember it runs only under Windows computer.
  • Go to CF (Chainfire) Autoroot site. Download and extract the Samsung S7 autoroot file. Remember the file should match with the model of your handset. As soon as you extract, inside you will find a file with an extension of “.tar.md5”.

Step 3: Rooting Samsung Galaxy S7

Now, I will start discussing how to root Galaxy S7. Turn off your smartphone. Press together Power+ Volume Down+ Home. It will boot to download mode. Take the USB cable that came with the device to connect your phone to the computer. Remember, ODIN should be running while you do this. If the handset connects, then it will show in your computer through ODIN.

Click on AP from the same window. Browse and select “.tar.md5.” file, it is the CF autoroot file. Now, press the start button, and wait for some time. The rooting of the device will start. The device will reboot many times while the process is running. And finally, when it completes, it will boot to Android. You can reassure yourself that the device is rooted. Download a root checker app from Play Store to check.

Final words

In the end, I would say how to root Galaxy S7 is not a mystery anymore. Anyone can use the above method to root their device without harming it. Also, it will fix some of the minor errors in your device such as DRK problems.