Many Samsung users having a problem of IMEI repair and they don’t know how to repair Samsung S5360 IMEI. That’s why I have come up with a solution which I am going to tell you in the below article. Basically, the steps which I am going to tell you is very easy and you will be able to repair your phone’s IMEI with it easily.


How to Repair Samsung S5360 IMEI?

If you want to know how to repair Samsung S5360 IMEI, then you must have to know what an IMEI is first. The IMEI is an exceptional identification number of your phone. However, each mobile in this planet has unique 15 – 17 digit number. This IMEI number is used by the mobile to recognize itself to the network. So, this number is very important for a phone. Moreover, if your phone’s IMEI number is damaged due to bad unlocking, reset codes or bad flashing, then your phone will not be able to connect to the network. In the meantime, your phone will be completely useless. That’s why you need to repair your IMEI because it will recover your phone so you can use it again. What you need to is to just follow the below instruction to repair your IMEI easily and without any cost.

  • At first, you have to root your phone.
  • After that, you must have to connect Z3X box with USB cable.
  • Now, you need to click on the repair option.
  • Then put your phone’s original IMEI.
  • After that step, click on the ok button and enjoy.

Important Warnings

You all have understood how to repair Samsung S5360 IMEI. But, you need to keep in mind some warnings before repairing IMEI which is in the below.

  1. The users who know what they are doing and all about IMEI repair can use this process because this guide is for them. However, this means you have to know how to flash your mobile and know what baseband repair. You must also have no problems installing drivers as well.
  2. You must know that the IMEI changing is extremely prohibited and illegal by law. At the same time, the IMEI restoration service is only to fix the original IMEI of your phone.


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Preparation of S5360 IMEI Repair

The phone users who want to repair their IMEI must have to prepare before doing that. However, what they will need are in the below.

  • You must have to remember that the Modem and PDA parts of your mobile are ok. You can check your phone’s settings.
  • It is also very important for you to be sure that the Baseband/ NVM / EFS are ok too.
  • You will need to repair SNR carefully as well.

Finally, the above guide will help you to solve your problem which is how to repair Samsung S5360 IMEI. Besides, you will be able to repair and fix your Samsung phone’s IMEI number easily and without going to the customer care