How to Get Vodafone SIM Network Unlock PIN

If you are looking for Vodafone sim network unlock pin, then you must read this article. Vodafone is one of famous cellular service provider company in the world. It provides cellular services for various countries. Basically, it is a London based multinational telecommunication company who operate their service in various countries of the world. Moreover, they operate their services mostly in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa. Besides, they are the second largest cellular service company with more than 470 million connections worldwide.

Vodafone is one of the top default cellular service providers of the world along with Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. If you have a phone with default Vodafone SIM, you will need to unlock it to use other cellular services. In this article, I will show you how to get Vodafone sim network unlock pin easily.

How to Get Vodafone SIM Network Unlock PIN

How to Get Vodafone SIM Network Unlock PIN

There are several ways to get Vodafone sim unlock code. However, the easiest way is contacting Vodafone customer service and request them for the code. For this process, they will need the IMEI code and some other information. It is also a legal way to get the unlock code. The following guide will show you how to get unlock pin by contacting Vodafone:

  1. At first, go to Vodafone SIM unlock page.
  2. They will ask you to confirm some point.
  3. After confirming, they will redirect you in the SIM unlock page.
  4. Now, you will need to provide some information about your phone and location.
  5. Provide the information and submit the request.


If you do all the process successfully, Vodafone will contact you within 24 hours and provide you the unlock code. However, they may require some more times often.

There is an another way to unlock your SIM. In this way, you will unlock your phone with some third party tools. Basically, they are online based tool known as “SIM unlock tools”. Some of the well-known unlock tools are DoctorSIM, Unlocky and UnlockRadar. You will need to know the IMEI code of your phone. After you provide the IMEI code to them, they will find the unlock code from phone manufacturer company directory. However, this is an illegal way to unlock the phone. We discourage the phone use this method.

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How to Unlock SIM with the Unlock Code

Once you have the unlock code the process is pretty easy. Here is the guide to unlock your phone easily with the unlock code:

  1. At first, collect the unlock code.
  2. Then turn off your smartphone and remove the default Vodafone SIM.
  3. Now, attach the SIM you want to use and turn on the phone.
  4. After that, you will be asked to provide the unlock code.
  5. Write the unlock code and press ok.


Your SIM will be unlocked within a moment. However, if you face any problem, please let us know by comment. Hopefully this article about How to Get Vodafone SIM Network Unlock PIN will be helpful for you.