How to Get Virgin SIM Unlock PIN

If you are looking for virgin sim unlock pin, then this article is for you. Virgin is one of the top cellular service provider company in various countries. They operate their service mostly in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, France, and some other countries.

Virgin Mobile is one of the top default cellular services of the world. If you have a phone with default Virgin sim, you will need to unlock it. In this article, we will show you how to get virgin sim unlock pin easily.

How to Get Virgin SIM Unlock PIN

How to Get Virgin SIM Unlock PIN

There are several ways for getting the virgin sim unlock pin. You can easily unlock your virgin sim by contacting their customer service. However, you will need to provide information about your phone for this process. This is the easiest way to get sim unlock code. On the other hand, this way is also legal for unlocking phones. Moreover, this is the only way to unlock the phone with keeping the manufacturer’s warranty. However, you will need to pay an amount of $50 for unlocking your phone.

Virgin both support online and unlock via call services. You can login to your account from virgin’s website. Then go to plan and device tab. You will find Phone unlock code tab. You can also unlock the phone by calling them. Their customer service number is 0345 6000 789°.  Follow the below guide for unlocking the phone via call:

  1. At first, call the given number.
  2. Provide your virgin number and your phone IMEI code.
  3. You must have the unlock fee available in balance.

If you do all the process successfully, the customer service will provide you the unlock code by calling your number within 2-14 days.

There is an another way to unlock your Virgin SIM. You can also unlock your phone by using some third party tools. Basically, the tools are online based tools. Some of the well-known SIM unlocking tools are UnlockRadar, DoctorSIM, Unlocky, etc. You will need to provide your phone’s IMEI model, manufacturer brand name, and your location. They will find the unlock code from the manufacturer companies unlock code database and give it to you. However, this process is an illegal way to unlock the phone.  On the other hand, it will discontinue your phone’s manufacturer warranty. We discourage our users to use this method. If you are failed to get the code by calling the Virgin customer care, then you can use this method.

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How to Unlock SIM with the Unlock Code

Once you get the code, it’s pretty simple to unlock the phone. However, if you can use the below guidelines to unlock the phone with code:

  1. At first, copy or remember the unlock code.
  2. Then switch off your smartphone and remove the default Virgin SIM.
  3. Now, attach your preferred SIM and turn on the phone.
  4. After that, you will be asked to provide the unlock code.
  5. Provide the unlock code and press ok.

This process will help you to unlock your phone successfully. If you still face any problem, please let us know by comment. We will try to help you. Hopefully, this article about How to get virgin sim unlock pin will be helpful for you.