How to Get Unlock Code for Android Smartphones

Welcome to the article about how to get unlock code for Android smartphones. Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems of the current time. Nearly 82% of the smartphone users use the Android operating system which is huge. Besides, Android operating system is feature-rich with user-friendly interfaces.

How to Get Unlock Code for Android Smartphones

Every year there is a lot of Android smartphones releases with powerful specifications. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of the smartphone comes with default cellular service with locked SIM slots. As a result, the user cannot use SIM on the phone as he cherishes. To use other SIMs, he needs to unlock the SIM. But it takes a lot of money to unlock the SIM from the service centers. However, the SIM can be also unlocked for free. In this article, we will show you how to get unlock code for smartphones without paying anything.

How to Get Unlock Code in Various Way

If your smartphone comes with a locked SIM slot, you will not able to enjoy the full facilities of your phone. Besides, you will not need to depend on a single cellular service. So, you must unlock the phone for using your phone comfortably. Here in this article, we will show you some best way to unlock your smartphone easily.

The best way to unlock android smartphones is collecting the unlock code from the cellular service. On the other hand, this way of unlocking is legal too. For this, you will need to contact the cellular services. You can contact them via phone and ask for the unlocking service. However, some provider only provides online service. So, you will need to contact them via online. Besides, you will need to know the IMEI code of your phone for this process. The customer service of the carrier will ask you some information about your phone along with the IMEI address. If you can provide them correctly, they will provide you the unlock code.

Besides, you can also unlock your phone via some third party tools. There are some online based third party software which provides free unlocking services. DoctorSIM, UnlockRadar, Unlocky are some well-known tools for unlocking phones via third-party software. Basically, they actually collect the code from manufacturer company’s database based on your phone’s IMEI number.
You can also unlock your smartphone’s from the local technical service providers. They will cost you an amount for doing this process.

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How to Unlock SIM with the Unlock Code

Follow the below guide to unlock your phone with the SIM unlock code:
1. At first, collect the code and copy it on a paper.
2. Then turn off your smartphone and remove the default SIM.
3. Attach the SIM you want to use and turn on the mobile.
4. After that, it will ask you for the unlock code.
5. Write the unlock code and press ok.
Now your phone is unlocked and ready to use!

You must unlock your SIM if you want the full control of the phone. If you follow the guide carefully, you can easily unlock your phone. Hopefully, this article about how to get unlock code for Android smartphones will be helpful for you.