How To Download & Install Magisk 16.4+ to Root any Android device

How To Download & Install Magisk 16.4+ to Root any Android device Update: Magisk 16.4 Beta is now available with massive improvements over the previous Magisk 16.3. It roots Android P 9.0 DP1 on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and also helps in gaining root access on latest Android 8.1 Oreo. Also, stable Magisk 16.0 is now available for download along with Magisk Manager v5.7.0. In this tutorial, see how to download and install latest Magisk for any Android device.

Magisk is being updated to stable version 16.4. This is great news for more and more Android phones can be rooted using the most popular rooting tool called Magisk followed by SuperSU. The latest version of Magisk brings many improvements to the Super User libraries, the manager app, and brings support to latest Android versions. Apart for being a rooting tool, it also brings several new features and functionalities like seamless OTA update installation even on a rooted device, Magisk hide, root hide, bypass Google’s Safety Net, install various modules, etc.

Recently, all the major developers are rolling out newer versions of their software, tools,  apps, or packages in order to bring about support for the latest Android 8.1 Oreo and the latest smartphones in the market. Developers of Xposed Framework, Lineage OS 15.1, Resurrection Remix 6.0, Paranoid Android 8.0, and many others are currently working on the Oreo platform. This brings us to the latest Magisk 15.

Developer top johnwu, already deployed Magisk beta 16.3 a few weeks ago to bring support for latest Android 8.1 Oreo. It also brings major changes to the Magisk Manager APK and made the whole project as one single application. Being ambitious, the developer also updated MagiskSU to work the same as proper Linux implementation. Super User package has also been completely changed in order to bring more stability.

How To Download & Install Magisk 16.4+ to Root any Android device

How To Download & Install Magisk 16.4+ to Root any Android device

Download Magisk 16 stable

The Magisk 16.0 is the stable version of Magisk rooting tool. Whereas, the Magisk 16.3 is the latest beta version. So you can either download and install the Magisk 16.0 stable or the beta. So magisk v17 will be the next stable version. Also, installing Magisk Manager APK is mandatory, listed below.

Flash the Magisk Uninstaller if you would like to delete or remove Magisk completely.

Magisk v16.4+ beta

Magisk v16.4+ beta

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Download Magisk v16.4+ beta

Download Magisk installer zip for the latest beta version. See the change log from below.

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Download latest Magisk Manager 5.7.0+

Installing the latest Magisk Manager version is must for better experience.

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How to install Magisk

  • Make sure your Android device has the latest TWRP recovery installed. See how to install TWRP recovery. For Samsung devices visit this tutorial.
  • Now, download the latest Magisk v15+ zip and Magisk Manager 5.5.1. You can also simply install the Magisk Manager and download the flash able zip from there.
  • Transfer Magisk installer zip, manager APK, and uninstaller to phone storage.
  • You may want to uninstall Magisk if your version is too old.
  • Reboot device into TWRP recovery. Turn off your phone then press and hold volume (down/up) + power button at the same time.
  • Take a full Nandroid backup.
  • Flash the Magisk zip by going to install option in TWRP and selecting the latest version.
  • Reboot to system.
  • You may want to install the latest Magisk Manager again.
  • Download Android 8.0 Oreo

That’s it reboot the device to the system and open the Magisk Manager app to start granting root access and start using various modules. How To Download & Install Magisk 16.4+ to Root any Android device



Mohammad Rasel Ahmed