How To Convert BMP to JPG 3 Best Methods

Searching a way to covet your images from BMP format to JPG format? OK. Then this is for you, throw that complicated tricks coz in this article we gonna share the 3 easiest ways to get your job done. How To Convert BMP to JPG 3 Best Methods

Below are the lists/methods to convert BMP to JPG:-

How To Convert BMP to JPG 3 Best Methods

How To Convert BMP to JPG 3 Best Methods

1. Convert BMP to JPG Using Microsoft Paint:

Using Microsoft Paint to convert the BMP to JPG format will be one of the easiest and the simplest way, however, please be aware that this method won’t work if you are using Microsoft XP.

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Then let’s check the steps through which you can convert BMP to JPG Using Microsoft Paint.

  1. Click on the Windows Search box and type “Paint” to find the paint application on your pc.
  2. Click on it (paint) to open, once it appears.
  3. Follow it up by opening your BMP file in that MS-Paint.

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  1. After opening the MS-Paint, click on the “File” option which is located at the upper-left of your screen.
  2. Then follow it up by Selecting “Save as” from the available options.
  3. Now you can name the file and use the save as type box to select JPG as the image format.
  4. Now complete your conversion by clicking on OK and your BMP file will be successfully converted into JPG format.

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2. Convert BMP to JPG Using a Freeware:

Using “Third-Party Freeware” to convert is also one of the ways to Convert BMP to JPG where it involves downloading a free software and following some easy steps.

Easy2Convert” is one such freeware that we strongly recommend when asked.

  1. You have to install this software before continuing any further, now launch it on your PC.
  2. Now you can upload the BMP file inside it and select the destination folder.
  3. Now Choose and adjust the image quality and click on the Convert button.
  4. Have some patience while it takes few seconds to get converted and once it is converted, the converted file will be stored in the destination folder.

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3. Convert BMP to JPG Using an Online Converter:

This one is for the people who prefer using an online tool for conversion and for them who don’t want to spend there time on installing any software or freeware on their devices, so we recommend you to use or to convert your files and below are some steps to be followed while using the online conversion platform.

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  1. Initially, you can try using one of the platforms mentioned above.
  2. After entering the site, you have to upload the BMP file there.
  3. Now you can select your preferred size and other details of the converted image.

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  1. After that process please click on convert button and give it some time for conversion.
  2. After which your file will be converted to the JPG format.
  3. Now, Click on the converted file and then it will be saved to your PC.

Best Free Ways to Convert BMP to JPG

How To Convert BMP to JPG 3 Best Methods , So these are some of the best methods to convert the image from BMP to JPG format and we hope it has helped you.



Mohammad Rasel Ahmed