Best Music player Software For Windows

Best Music player Software For Windows There are a lot of great music players for Windows, and it’s next to impossible to make a broad “best” statement that applies to everyone. But that doesn’t stop the powerful, lightweight, and customizable MusicBee from winning our hearts for the best music player on Windows.

Our former favorite, Winamp, has shut down—but that isn’t why we’ve changed our minds on this one. “Dead” apps are still worth using if they’re the best—we’ve just decided, after lots of testing and deliberation, that Winamp is no longer the best music player in our minds.

Best Music player Software For Windows

Best Music player Software For Windows

Window Media Player


It came as a sad news when Microsoft pushed back Windows Media Player in favor of successors. But the simplicity and ease of use offered by WMP still make it one of the best and free music player software for Windows

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If you don’t like the default look of the player, there are many custom skins for WMP. You’ll easily recognize what the music player has become as you would be able to see those visualizations while playing music.



Clementine is among the most popular music player apps for Windows, and its popularity has a lot to do with its versatility and simplistic interface (which looks ancient compared to the design of other names mentioned earlier). But don’t let aesthetics deceive you, as the app is loaded with the widest array of online connectivity tools and music streaming options you’ll see in a music player app.

Bread Player


Bread Player is a free, open source music player for Windows platform that will catch your interest from the very first time you fire it up, thanks to its eye-catching design. But far from being an eye-candy, Bread Player is actually a very capable, open-source music player app which has all the bells and whistles of a conventional music player app.

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MediaMonkey plays and organizes both music and video, and unlike some dual-purpose media players, it does an excellent job of both. It identifies tracks with missing metadata and searches for the information online, and like MusicBee, its superb tagging tool lets you tag files using industry-standard formats.

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Like all the best free music players, AIMP makes organizing your songs a breeze – even if your collection is currently a sprawling mess of tracks in different formats and locations, with incomplete or missing metadata.

Your AIMP library can be built using files from multiple directories and ripped from CDs, with automatic track numbering and tag filling to help you get it in shape.

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MusicBee is a free music player created for serious music lovers and includes everything you need to manage and enjoy your collection, no matter how large (it’s reportedly handled a library of over 500,000 tracks without a hiccup).

Switching to MusicBee is easy. The first time it runs, the app scans your PC for music and lets you import your files from Windows Media Player or iTunes. Tracks are catalogued, but aren’t moved unless you’ve checked that option under Library Preferences so there’ll be no surprises.

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After the speedy installation process of Dopamine completes, what you get to look and feel is enough to put it amongst other best and free music player apps. The open source Windows Media player alternative appears to be a Microsoft-made UWP app, contrary to the fact that it isn’t, and it not available in the Store either.



Existing since the year 2002, foobar2000 is known to many. Modular design of this simple music player for Windows makes it easier to add new features and components to the free music player.

VLC Media Player


Open source VLC Media Player is best known for its video-handling chops, but it’s also a superb music manager that can play almost any format without installing any additional codecs – and convert between them, too.

VLC can also stream music from a local network or the internet, including internet radio stations, which you can set up as a playlist for quick access. Best Music player Software For Windows\




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